Message Of Prof. Mahmud Jilani

After the overwhelming success of last year's EM symposium, Dr. Ziauddin University/Hospital is back with another enlightening and energizing event.

This EM symposium is a tribute to all the ED doctors who race against time for their patient's well-being. The ability to make split second decisions for both medical and surgical cases does not only need vast knowledge and experience, but also a lion's heart, an eagle's eye and a lady's hand.

At Ziauddin Hospital, the Emergency Department is one of our most valued areas where we invest a lot of time, effort and resources. We monitor, evaluate and find ways to improve our services, in terms of clinical outcomes and patient experience.

The EM symposium has been designed as a comprehensive program which not only focuses on clinical aspects but also physical, psychological and social aspects, which have to be considered for both the ED staff as well as the patients

We appreciate the support of all stakeholders in organizing our program which we expect to be a great success.

Prof. Mahmud Jilani
Chairman, Dept. Of Emergency Medicine,
Ziauddin University & Hospitals.