About Conference

Emergency Medicine is still an evolving specialty in our country. There are tremendous prospects for those who train and emerge as Consultants / Specialists, here and abroad. In this context, Ziauddin University and Hospital’s 2nd Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine: “An Emerging Specialty in Pakistan” will be held on Saturday, 19th January, 2019from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Abul Hassan Jafarey Auditorium, Ziauddin University Clifton Campus,Karachi, Pakistan.

This Symposium is being organized to provide updated information to those related to the field of Emergency Medicine. It also aims to facilitate research forscholars,EMSpecialists,medical residents and family physiciansand to enable them to interact and share their experience and knowledge. Distinguished speakers of national and international repute are participating.

Our 1st Symposium on Emergency Medicine was a mega event,conducted in January 2018 and attended by over 400 participants. A large number of experts and distinguished health care professionals shared their expertise in the field of trauma and related emergencies.

This 2nd. Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine would be multidisciplinary covering updates on a spectrum of EM topics. We are determined to elevate our current standard to keep up with global advances and newer trends in Emergency Medicine.

We, at Ziauddin University and Hospitals, have an ongoing four-year MD program in Emergency Medicinefor the last over 8 years in collaboration with other reputed institutions of our city. We have already produced several EM Physicians and others are in their training process. The prospects for them are enormous and their contribution to the health-care system of our society cannot be over emphasized.

We welcome you to this symposium and plan to make it a great success.


Organizing& Scientific Committees:

Prof. Mahmud Jilani
Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine, ZU

Prof. Shafiq Ur Rehman
Chairperson Scientific Committee
Professor of Surgery
Head of the Department, General Surgery, ZU

Dr. Suhail Hussain
Secretary, Organizing committee
Assistant Prof. Gastroenterology, DZH

Mr. Amir Shahzad
Coordinator of the symposium
Senior Manager PR & Communication DZH / ZU

Prof. Abbas Zafar
Professor of ENT,
Dean FacultyHealth Sciences, ZU

Dr. Imtiaz Khalid
Assistant Prof. Medicine , DZH / ZU

Dr. Ali Raza
Assistant Professor,
Medicine& Diabetologist,

Prof. Talat Mirza
Dean Research , ZU

Dr. Inayat Ali Khan
AssistantProf. Neurosurgery,
Director Services, DZH North Campus

Dr. Shireen Mansoor
Medical Superintendent, DZH

Dr. Naseem Munshi
Assistant Prof. Orthopedics,
Head of EM, DZHNorth campus

Dr. Shua Nasir
Assistant Prof. EM, DZH, North Campus

Dr. Lal Shehbaz
Sr. Registrar EM, DZH North Campus

Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Incharge EM, Keamari Campus, DZH

Dr. Gul Ahoja
Incharge EM, Clifton Campus, DZH

Dr. Anila Kazmi
Group Head Quality Assurance

Dr. Almas Farhan
Director, Department of Continuing Professional Education
Acting Director Student Affairs, ZU

Dr. Jawairya Danish
Deputy Medical Superintendent, DZH, North Campus

Other members:

Mr. Ilyas Dad Khan
Chief Pharmacist, Group DZH

Mr. Muhammad Harris
GM Finance, DZH North Campus

Mr. Akber Ahmed
C.I.O, DZH - Group of Hospitals

Dr. Anoop Kumar
Medical Superintendent, Clifton Campus

Mr. Syed Imranuddin
Manager Marketing&Outreach, DZH

Mr. Noman Ghayas
Assistant Manager Marketing

Mr. Muhammad Babar
Manager Front Office, DZH North Campus

Ms. Ruby Shabbir
Senior Manager MID/ OPD

Program Schedule

2nd Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine

“An Emerging Specialty in Pakistan “

19th. January, 2019.

8:30 -9.00 am Registration
9:00 - 9.05 am Inauguration Dr. Aijaz Fatima
Trustee DZH, KHI

Prof. Pirzada Qasim
Vice Chancellor, ZU,KHI.
9:05 - 9.10 am Recitation Of Holy Quran Dr. Sami Jatoi
Resident EM, ZU.
9:10 - 9.20 am Welcome Note Prof. Abbas Zafar
Dean , Faculty Health Sciences, ZU.
9:20 - 9.35 am Introduction to Emergency Medicine Program ZU / Our Emergency Medicine Physicians Prof Mahmud Jilani
Dept. of Medicine Chairman , Department of Emergency Medicine, ZU.
Medicine & Allied
Session Moderator : Dr. M. Aqil, EM ZU
9:35 - 9.50 am Updates in Acute Coronary Syndrome Management Prof. Khawar Kazmi
Consultant Cardiologist,
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases KHI.
9:50 - 9.55 am Short Video on ACLS
9.55 - 10.10 am New Trends in Management of Stroke/TIA in Emergency Medicine Setup Prof. Nadir Ali Syed
Consultant Neurologist,
South City Hospital, KHI.
10:10 - 10.25 am Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Dr. Ali Raza
Assistant Professor,
Medicine& Diabetologist, ZU.
10:25 - 10.40 am Approach to managing UGI bleeding in Emergency Medicine Department Prof. Zaigham Abbas
Gastroenterologist &Hepatologist, ZU.
10:40 - 10.55 am Management of Acute Obstructive Airway Disease Dr. Abdus Salam
Director of Emergency Department,
Shifa International, Islamabad.
10.55 - 11.10 pm Management of Acute Respiratory Distress in pediatrics Prof. Anwar ul Haq
Consultant Pediatrician,
Indus Hospital, KHI.
11:10 - 11.15 am Short video on PALS
11:15 - 11.30 am Question & Answer/ Panel Discussion Chair:
Prof. Mahmud Jilani
Dept. of Medicine , ZU.
Moderator: Dr. Ali Raza
Assistant Professor,
Medicine& Diabetologist,
Souvenir Distribution to Speakers Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra
HoD Department of Medicine & Director PGME (Clinical) ZU.
Surgery & Allied
Session Moderator : Dr. Afreen Afzaal, EM ZU
11:45 - 12 pm Acute Abdomen: Getting the diagnosis right. Prof. Abdul Majeed Chaudhary
Principal & Chairman, Dept of Surgery,
Lahore Medical & Dental College.
12:00 - 12.15 pm Common Pediatric Surgical Emergencies Dr. Shabbir Hussain
Pediatric Surgeon,
Liaquat National Hospital, KHI.
12:15 - 12.30 pm Acute Limb Ischemia Prof. M.Azeem uddin
Head of Interventional Radiology,
12:30 - 12.45 pm Managing Renal Trauma: Saving the Nephrons Prof. Altaf Hashmi
Consultant Urologist,
12:45 - 1.00 pm Common Pediatric Urological Emergencies Prof. Sajid Sultan
Pediatric Urologist,
1:00 - 1.15 pm Common Gynecological & Obstetrical Emergencies Prof. Rahat Qureshi
Consultant Gyne&Obs,
1:15 - 1.30 pm Question & Answer/ Panel discussion Chair:
Prof. Shafiq Ur Rehman
HoD General Surgery, ZU.
Dr. Inayat Ali Khan, Asst. Prof.Nuerosurgery,
Souvenir Distribution to Speakers Prof. Abbas Zafar
HoD ENT Dept. & Dean, Faculty Health Sciences, ZU.
Trauma /Toxicology / Misc.
Session Moderator : Dr. Aftab Ahmed
2:15- 2.30 pm Education & Training of Trauma & Disaster Management:
“Need of time”
Prof. Saeed Minhas
Consultant Orthopedics ,
2:30- 2.45 pm Management of Poisoning & bites in Emergency Dept. Dr .Nadeemullah Khan
Associate Professor ,
Emergency Med. AKUH.
2:45 - 3.00 pm Research Perspectives in Emergency Medicine Prof.Talat Mirza
Dean Research ,
3:00 - 3.15 pm Role of U/S FAST, CT SCAN in Emergency Medicine Dr. Anwar Ahmad
Consultant ,
Radiologist, AKUH.
3:15 - 3.30 pm Endovascular Management of Hemorrhagic Emergency Dr. Basit Salam
Associate Professor ,
Interventional Radiology, AKUH.
3:30 - 3.45 pm Coordination of Nursing with Emergency Medicine team Shaliza Faheem
Manager Nursing,SMBB,
Trauma Centre, KHI.
3: 45 - 4.00 pm Advice to Emergency Medicine Physician on Stress Management Dr. Seemi Jamali
HOD Accident &Emergency Department JPMC.
4:00 - 4.15 pm Managing Heat Stroke Dr. Hamid Shahzad
Director Accident & Emergency Department Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar.
4:15 - 4.30 pm Career Guidance for Emergency Medicine Physicians Dr .Nadeemullah Khan
Associate Professor ,
Emergency Med. AKUH.
4:30 - 4.45 pm Question & Answer/ Panel discussion Chair:
Dr. Abdus Salam
Director of Emergency Department, Shifa International, Islamabad.
Dr. Imtiaz Khalid
Asst. Prof. of Medicine, ZU.
4.45 - 4.50 pm Vote of Thanks Prof. Shafiq Ur Rehman
Chair, Scientific Committee ,
HoD General Surgery, ZU.
Souvenirs & Certificate Distribution Dr. Shireen Mansoor
Medical Superintendent DZH KHI.
5: 00 pm HI– TEA