Emergency Medicine 2020

About Conference

Emergency Medicine is still an evolving specialty in our country. There are tremendous prospects for those who train and emerge as Consultants / Specialists, here and abroad. In this context, Ziauddin University and Hospital’s 2nd Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine: “An Emerging Specialty in Pakistan” will be held on Saturday, 19th January, 2019from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Abul Hassan Jafarey Auditorium, Ziauddin University Clifton Campus,Karachi, Pakistan.

This Symposium is being organized to provide updated information to those related to the field of Emergency Medicine. It also aims to facilitate research forscholars,EMSpecialists,medical residents and family physiciansand to enable them to interact and share their experience and knowledge. Distinguished speakers of national and international repute are participating.

Our 1st Symposium on Emergency Medicine was a mega event,conducted in January 2018 and attended by over 400 participants. A large number of experts and distinguished health care professionals shared their expertise in the field of trauma and related emergencies.

This 2nd. Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine would be multidisciplinary covering updates on a spectrum of EM topics. We are determined to elevate our current standard to keep up with global advances and newer trends in Emergency Medicine.

We, at Ziauddin University and Hospitals, have an ongoing four-year MD program in Emergency Medicinefor the last over 8 years in collaboration with other reputed institutions of our city. We have already produced several EM Physicians and others are in their training process. The prospects for them are enormous and their contribution to the health-care system of our society cannot be over emphasized.

We welcome you to this symposium and plan to make it a great success.

Committees & Members


Dr. Asim Hussain
Chancellor & Chairman, ZUH


Prof. Mahmud Jilani
Chairman Dept. Of Emergency Medicine
Prof. of Medicine –ZUH


Dr. Inayat Ali Khan
Director Services & Consultant


Dr. Shua Nasir
Assistant Professor- EM, ZUH

Logistics Advisor:

Mr. Amir Shahzad
Senior Manager, PR & Communications-ZUH

Administrative Advisor:

Dr. Shireen Mansoor
Medical Superintendent-DZH

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Ahmed Fawad
Head of Dept. Urology &
Associate Director Undergraduate, ZU.

Prof. Abbas Zafar
Dean Faculty Health Sciences –ZUH

Dr. Ammad Hussain
CE-Ziauddin Group & Director, Dept.of Radiology

Dr. Syed Ali Raza
Assistant prof. &Unit Head of Med-DZH

Dr. Jawairya Danish
Deputy Medical Superintendent- DZH

Dr. Lal Shehbaz
Senior Registrar,EM-ZUH

Dr. Aftab Ahmed

Scientific Committee:


Prof. Shafiqur Rehman
Head of Dept. of General Surgery., ZUH


Dr. Anila Kazmi / Dr. Shua Nasir
Group Head, Dept. of Quality Assurance


Prof. Ejaz Vohra
Director PGME -ZUH

Prof. Talat Mirza
Dean Research- ZU

Dr. Almas Farhan
Director , CME ,ZU

Dr. Imtiaz Khalid
Asst. Prof.Med -ZUH

Dr. Nida Sajid
Head of Dept. ER,DZH

Dr. Farhana Zafar
Asst. Prof Peds,. ZUH

Poster (Competition) Managing & Supervision Committee:


Prof. Talat Mirza
Dean Research- ZU


Dr. M. Aquil
Dr. Afreen Fazal


Dr. Muhabbat Ali
Dr. Abdullah Dayo
Dr. Ayaz Ghulam
Dr. Samad
Dr. Haddi Bux
Dr. Jahanzaib

Marketing & I.T. Committee:


Dr. Lal Shahbaz
Senior Registrar,EM-ZUH


Dr. Rajesh


Dr. Aftab Ahmed
Dr. Maaz Obaid
Dr. Lutuf Ali
Dr. Abdul Sami
Mr. Akbar Ahmed
Mr. Yasir Butt
Mr. Noman Ghayas
Mr. Yawer Shahazad
Dr. Wajahat

Program Schedule

3rd Annual Symposium on Emergency Medicine

"Shaping the future of Emergency Medicine in Pakistan"

Saturday, 25th January, 2020

8:30-9:00 am Registration
9:00-9:05 am Inauguration Dr. Aftab Ahmed/ Dr. Afreen
9:05-9:10 am Recitation Of Holy Quran Dr. Tauseef
9:10-9:20 am Welcome Note/ Introduction to Emergency Medicine Program ZU /Our Emergency Medicine Physicians Prof. Mahmud Jilani
Chairperson, EM, ZUH
9:20-9:30 am Talk by the Dean Prof. Abbas Zafar, Dean
9:30-9:50 am Key Note speech: Shaping the future of EM in Pakistan Dr. Abdus Salam Khan
President PSEM, Director EM Shifa International, ISB
Medicine & Allied
Session Moderator : Dr. Nida Sajid (HOD ER, Consultant Physician ) / Dr. Aqeel (Registrar EM)
9:50-10:10 am Triaging the 'TRIAGE' Dr. Nadeem Ullah Khan
Associate Prof. EM, AKUH, KHI
10:10-10:25 am Management of Acute Massive Pulmonary Embolism: what‟s new? Dr. Munawwar Khursheed
Associate Prof. & Director EM, NICVD, KHI
10:25-10:40 am Seizures In Children; Management Of Status Epileptics: "A Medical Emergency" Prof. Shahnaz Ibrahim
Professor Pediatric
Neurologist, AKUH, KHI
10:40-10:55 am Tea Break
10:55-11:15 am Alerts in EM: What’s new in STEMI Prof. Bashir Hanif
Executive & Medical Director,Tabba Heart Institute, KHI
11:15-11:30 am Challenges in Establishing Point of Care Testing in Emergency Dept. Dr. Adnan Zuberi
HOD Chemical Pathology-ZUH
11:30-11:45 am Q&A & Souvenir distribution Prof. Ejaz Vohra,Director PGME , ZUH
Dr. Ali Raza, Unit Head Medicine, ZUH
Surgery & Allied
Session Moderator : Dr. Zubia Masood (Consultant G.Surgeon) / Dr. Inayat Ali Khan (Consultant Neurosurgeon) / Dr. Rajesh Kumar(Registrar EM)
11:45-12:05 pm What You Missed: “Spinal Trauma & its Management” Dr. Inayat Ali Khan
Assistant Prof. & Consultant Neurosurgeon - ZUH
12:05-12:25 pm Principles of Palliative Care in ED; End of Life Decisions Dr. Nadeem Ullah Khan
Associate Prof. EM, AKUH, KHI
12:25-12:45 pm Disaster Preparedness & Management; Professional versus Public Approach Dr. Hamid Shahzad
Director A&E, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
12:45-1:05 pm Unstable Pelvic Trauma: A moment to ponder Prof. Amin Chinoy
Head of Orthopedic Dept., Indus Hospital, KHI
1:05-1:15 pm Q & A & Souvenir distribution Prof. Shafeeq ur Rehman, HOD Surgery, ZUH
Dr. Zubia Masood, Consultant Surgeon, ZUH
1:15-2:00 pm LUNCH
Session Moderator : Prof. M.Azeemuddin, Head of Interventional Radiology, AKUH / Dr. Irfan Lutfi (Consultant I.R, HOD IR, DZH ,North Campus) / Dr. Erum Soomro (Resident EM)
2:00-2:15 pm Cross Sectional Imaging & Pan CT in Poly Trauma Dr. Basit Salam
Consultant Interventional Radiologist, AKUH,KHI
2:15-2:30 pm Imaging Spectrum: Non Traumatic Scenarios in Emergency department Dr. Amjad Sattar
Consultant Interventional Radiologist & Director Radiology, DUHS
2:30-2:45 pm Essential Imaging for Emergency Interventional Radiology Procedures Dr. Muhammad Ali
Associate Professor & HOD Radiology,DZH, Clifton
2:45-3:00 pm Role of Interventional Radiology (IR) in Emergency Medicine Dr. Wasey Jilani
Consultant Interventional Radiologist & HOD Radiology, SCH
3:00-3:05 pm Souvenir distribution Dr. Zareen Hussain/ Dr. Ammad Hussain, Director Radiology Services, ZUH
Views & Discussions: Sharing Concepts & Facts
Session Moderator : Dr. Imtiaz Khalid (Consultant G.Physician) / Dr. Arsalan Mufti(Resident E M)
3:05-3:15 pm Need for TCP and TPM- Should we wait for a cardiologist? Role of Echo in ED. Prof. Mansoor Ahmed
Consultant Cardiologist, NMC, KHI
3:15-3:25 pm Non compressible traumatic hemorrhage control Dr. Ghazanfar
Consultant Emergency Medicine, Indus Hospital-KHI
3:25-3:45 pm Leadership Style & Trends: A need of Time Dr. Ashfaq
Director, London Clinical Courses, Consultant EM, UK
3:45-4:00 pm Artificial Intelligence & technological innovations in EM Dr. Shua Nasir
Assistant Prof. EM, ZUH
4:00–4:15 pm Obstetric Hemmorhage: A matter of Concern in EM Prof. Rubina Hussain
Chairperson Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology-ZUH
4:15–4:40 pm Current updates & way forward for Emergency Medicine programs in Pakistan- PANEL DISCUSSION Emergency Medicine Faculty/ Moderator: Prof. Mahmud Jilani, Chairperson, EM, ZUH
4:40-4:50 pm Chief guest speech Dr. Asim Hussain, Chairman & Chancellor, ZUH
Dr. Nida Hussain, PRO - Chancellor, ZUH
4.50-5.00 pm Vote of Thanks & Souvenirs Distribution Prof. Mahmud Jilani, ZUH
Dr. Shireen Mansoor, MS North Campus, DZH
5:00 pm HI– TEA
3rd emergency symposium